IV- Essays on Modernity:
01- Why I Do Write?
02- We.. And The Reality Around Us.
03- Progress Between Stagnation And Change.
04- The Future Should We Wait For It Or Create It.
05- The Required Change In Egypt.
06- Women And Progress (1).
07- Women And Progress (2).

** The Values of Progress. (Complete Book in English).

09- Some Basic Remarks About The "Values of Progress"

10- The most important Values of Progress

      I. Time

      II. A Culture of Systems not   Individuals

      III. Implementing a Quality Culture

      IV. Planting the Value of Pluralism

      V. Self-criticism and Constant Self-Improvement

      VI. Universality of Knowledge

      VII. Contemporary Values of Work

      (or Modern Management Concepts)

11- Values of Progress: Source and Identity

12- Values of Progress and Cultural Specificity

13- Values of Progress and Building a Strong Society
14- Why I Do Write?
15- Our Identity And Globalization.
16- Technological Advancement Prerequisites.
17- Does "Intellectuality" Have A "Nationality".
18- Educational Reform: What Does it Mean?
19-The Erosion of the Middle Class and its Consequences
20- Three Interlinked Problematics