V- Essays on Society, Economy, Culture & Education:
** Egypt Cultural Dilemma.(Complete Book in English).
  01- Why I do write?

02- The “Big-Talk” Syndrome

03- Singing our own Praises
 (Or our Self-Praising Phobia)

04- Between a Culture of Peace and a Culture of War

05- Our Identity and Globalization

06- Humanity, America & Civilization.

07- Reflections on an American trip.

08- Localized to the Spine.

09- The Anatomy of people's Apathy.

10- Our Clemency - Tolerance Dwindling.

11- Education .. First & Foremost.

12- The value of Tolerance to Criticism.

13- The United States and the World Future

14- Egypt’s Economic Reform in the Balance

15- The Arab mindset and the conspiracy theory

16- Enough is Enough with “complacency”

17- Civilized Debate Versus Fascist Intimidation

18- Technological Advancement Prerequists

19- Does “Intellectuality” have a “Nationality”?

20- Imperative management reform

21- Fateful Transformation

22- The Tragedy of Education & Culture in Egypt
** Contemporary Egypt Problems. (Complete Book in English).

23- The Tragedy of Subsidies.

24- The Art of Work - An Art we have lost.

25- Who are the Makers of History: Circumstances or People?

26- The Difficult Equation of Changes versus Stability.

27- Religious Extremism in Egypt.

28- The Egyptian Problem: Origins and Analysis.

29- What is to be done?

30- The Four Idols.

31- Promoting Reading as a Hobby and a Methodology.

32- Egyptians between Rights and Duties.

33- Saad Zaghlul and the Unity of the Two Elements of the Egyptian Nation.

34- Management and Society.

35- Reflections on "Buffoonery" and "Failure".

36- Thus Spoke My Eccentric Friend.
37- Farceland Or Mahazelstan.
38- Sadat: A composite Verdict.
39- The Renaissance Spirit.
40- Humanity, America And Civilization.
41- Reflections On An American Trip.
42- Education.. First And Foremost.
43- The United States And The World Future.
44- Egyptians Economic Reform In The Balance.
45- Imperative Management Reform.
46- Fateful Transformation.
47- The Tragedy Of Education And Culture In Egypt.
48- The Tragedy Of Subsidies.
49- The Art Of Work, An Art We Have Lost.
50- Who Are The Makers Of History: Circumstances Or People?
51- The Difficult Equation Of Changes Versus Stability.
52- The Egyptian Problem: Origins And Analysis.
53- What Is To Be Done?
54- The Four Idols.
55- Promoting Reading As A Hobby And A Methodology.
56- Egyptians Between Rights And Duties.
57- Management And Society.
58- Reflections On "Buffoonery" And "Failure".
59- Pearls (I)
60- Pearls (II)
61- Pearls (III)
62- On Priorities
63-About the Revolution
64-Placing the Arab Revolutions in a Philosophical Context
65-Ten Random Observations